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NetWORKS Company was officially formed in 1999 as I saw a need for a company which provides affordable solutions satisfying client needs in a consultative manner rather than the typical product/system selling method.  A company that works with the client in developing a solution rather that telling the client what they need.  This collaborative approach, while it is not rocket science, apparently is atypical in our marketplace today.

We work closely with the client to develop a solution according to the client’s specifications. Whether this means a new high performance system allowing for future growth and ease of upgrade, or expansion or adding to an existing system, we ALWAYS work with the client’s budget in mind. We believe in spending your money wisely and carefully.  I believe this concern for client capital and our collaborative approach to developing solutions is what sets NetWORKS Company apart from its competitors.

Michael Sylvester

NetWORKS Company
Tel: (704) 596-9727
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