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Network design - client/server as well as peer-to-peer networks. We design a system to meet the client’s needs NOT push a pre-packaged system onto the client which could be either insufficient or overkill for the situation.

Equipment/Software procurement - all required equipment and/or software may be purchased by NetWORKS Company on behalf of the client to provide an end-to-end solution.

Network installation/configuration
- we install all required hardware and software, configuring systems and network services such as file and printer sharing according to client-approved specifications.  A brief introduction to the new system and functionality is provided along with a short, basic guide to network administration.

Workstation installation/configuration - helping select appropriate workstation hardware to meet clients' specific needs.  We will configure new and/or existing desktops based on your requirements.  This included analyzing existing computers which may benefit from additional memory or hard drive capacity and identifying those which replacement is recommended.

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