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Wide Area Network design - multi-location businesses requiring inter-office connections ranging from lower cost, internet-based IPSec VPN solutions to dedicated private line (T1, Frac T1, private DSL).   We design and implement a system to meet client needs and budgetary goals.

Internet connectivity and network security - Various shared connection options are available to businesses such as xDSL, ISDN and T1.  In addition, we can help protect your network using VPN and IPsec-secured connections, appropriate internal security and firewall security to minimize unauthorized outside user access.  We will help you select an appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet your internet, bandwidth and security needs.

Internet and network e-mail systems - NetWORKS Company will advise you on e-mail options whether you require an internal, external or integrated solution.

Remote access services - Today's business environment often requires you and your employees to access you network remotely from home or on the road.  We will enable you to remotely access your network using technologies such as dial-up, VPN, and web-based options.

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